First, allow me to introduce myself.


My name is Chereace Richards. I AM a Believer in Christ, Wife to Stan Richards, Mom to Stan, Jr. and Isaiah, Entrepreneur, Published Author, and the 21st Century Woman.   Here is my story…


In 2002, I found myself at a crossroads in my life after being laid-off from what I thought was my “dream job”. In that moment, I realized that “life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” During the months I spent soul-searching to answer the question: “who are you?”, I was reminded of my childhood dream of being in business for myself, doing my own thing, and living life on my own terms. For a while, I forgot that I didn’t want to work a job forty hours a week, for forty years, only to retire to forty percent of my income. Yet, despite those dreams, that was the path I was on. Until, life interrupted that pattern!


Thank God for A Life Interrupted!

At the time, I didn’t see it that way it was exactly what I need to get on the path to my divine assignment. Truth be told, I needed that interruption to disrupt my non-productive, un-inspiring, and under-whelming days filled with work, kids, chores, errands, etc. And, while I was grateful to serve my family, I realized I was not spending enough quality time with them because of our hurried life and hectic schedules. Date nights and me time was out of the question. I desperately wanted more time, more freedom, and more money to do more for my family, my community, and myself.


Thank God for the Courage to Jump!

Network Marketing changed my life. Skeptical and unbelieving at first, I quickly became a believer in the profession because it exposed to a world I never knew existed.  Under the great leadership and mentorship, I learned the skills needed to have more time, more money, and a better quality of life. Best part is that I get to share this blessing with others.   My life is now content, full of joy and fulfillment. A life filled with purpose lived on purpose everyday. My life has been transformed because I was open and I took a leap of faith by saying YES!


Thank God I am Blessed to be a Blessing

I am committed to showing women how they can use the Profession of Network Marketing as a vehicle that enables them to have freedom to spend quality time with their family, take that dream vacation, shop whenever, give more of your time and resources to your church and community, and discover and live your purpose out loud!


My goal ultimately is to show YOU how YOU can live your RIDICULOUSLY POSSIBLE life.

“Within 4 years, they reached the top position, became 7-figure earners, and helped other families become financially free.”